Intention Reimagined

The 5-Step Shortcut to get the things you want faster and easier, even if visualization, affirmations, and just plain willing things to happen haven't worked for you before.


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  • My Exact Intention Reimagined formula that allows you to get the outcomes you want with less stress. This way you don’t waste time on methods that don’t work.

  • Step 4 reveals my "Overcome Resistance" formula, which is the reason why athletes and high-performers get results, while others get stuck spinning their wheels.
  • Using the Intention Reimagined method allows you to get clarity and see results fast, so you don’t have to spend all day on a routine that doesn’t fit your lifestyle
  • The one step you MUST take if you want to stop dreaming, and actually make your goals your reality

  • And so much more...



Hi, I'm Jewell

I'm an ICF certified coach, energy worker and bestselling author who helps working women to actually enjoy the lives they work so hard to create.

The Intention Reimagined Guide will show you how....

"Jewell's wise counsel transcends the bumper sticker mantras of pop-psychology and offers a practical challenge that inspired me to examine my own mindset."

Heather McAteer

Get the results you want with more ease....

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